AkoStone Home & SPA Decoration series-inspired by nature by the project of Akii Juliushhi, is an expert combination of beauty of nature and artistic craftsmanship, presented in the form of ceramic stones.

Hand-made stone decorations are an original and unique decoration of the bathroom, SPA facilities, salon and shop windows.

They achieve their unique luster due to an exclusive high-quality glaze.

Thanks to them they are also resistant to high temperatures (1080° C) and work well with the ethanol fireplaces.

AkoStone SPA Home & Decoration available in two sets: AkoStone™  7 Elements (seven smaller stones) and AkoStone™  Big three ( three big stones) may be tailored to the needs and interior requirements.

Akostone 3B Antique Gold

  • Tootja: AKOSTONE
  • Mudel: Akostone 3B Antique Gold
  • 69.00€

Kokkusobivad tooted

Akostone 3B Deep Black
Biokamin Infire Inside C800 Vers1

Biokamin Infire Inside C800 Vers1

809.00€ 1 009.00€

Biokamin Ignora Adamas

Biokamin Ignora Adamas

2 049.00€ 2 399.00€

Biokamin Ignora Finestro

Biokamin Ignora Finestro

1 349.00€ 1 699.00€

Crackling sound effect box
Biokamin Infire Inside 1200
Biokamin Infire Inside C800 Vers2
Biokamin Infire Inside C1000 Vers1
Biokamin Infire Inside C1000 Vers2
Biokamin Infire Inside C1000 Vers3
Biokamin Infire Inside L800 Vers1
Biokamin Infire Inside L800 Vers2